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The registration will enable us to assist you and share with you Embassy's news, newsletters, announcements, and press releases. The information provided by you in this form will be kept confidential.

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    Contact Information

  • Chancery Address:
    No.1,Dongzhimenwai Dajie,
    Post Code 100600.
    Guide Map
  • Telephone Numbers:
    * Exchange:
    +86(10)65322504 and +86(10)65326660

    * Fax:
    +86(10)65322715 and +86(10)65323233

    * Community Welfare Affairs Wing:

    Pakistani Assistant (Community Welfare Affairs):
    +86(10)65326660-6121 (extension)
    +86(10)65326660-6146 (extension)

    * Visa Affairs Wing:

    Chinese Assistant (Visa Affairs):
    +86(10)65326660-6144 (extension)
    +86(10)65326660-6145 (extension)

    * Passport Section:
  • * Email:
  • * Visiting Hours:
    09:00-11:30 Hours
    (Monday to Friday)
  • * Submission of Documents:
    (including MRP)
    09:00-11:30 Hours
  • * Return of Documents:
    15:00-16:30 Hours
    (Monday to Friday),
    or as indicated on deposit Slip

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