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  • Education Cooperation
  • Education cooperation forms an important part of China-Pakistan bilateral relations. In recent years, China has become the top destination for Pakistani students. There are various scholarship schemes offered by the two governments, especially at the post-graduate level. We are proud of the high achievements of Pakistani students in China in academics and research and hope that they would contribute positively in the development of Pakistan upon their return. Like always, the Embassy would continue to provide all possible facilitation to our students in China. Following are some guidelines for our prospective students as well as those already studying in China.
  • Selection of Universities and Courses
  • Pakistani students planning to study in China are advised to use online facilities to research for Chinese universities and the degree programmes catering to their academic needs and future careers. This exercise will help them know the academic rankings, courses offered and status of recognition of different universities. Therefore, prospective students should make an informed decision about choosing a university, degree programme or majors in order to avoid any subsequent inconvenience.
  • MBBS Degree Programmes in English
  • Prospective students wishing to study MBBS in China may please additionally ensure before securing admission that their chosen university satisfies the requirements of recognition of Pakistan Medical Commission, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and any other relevant regulatory or educational authorities in Pakistan. They may also note that the Chinese Ministry of Education currently recognises 45 Chinese universities for enrolment of international students in the MBBS degree programme in English. The Chinese Ministry of Education issues a notice in this behalf on a yearly basis. The 2020-2021 Notice and List of the 45 universities may please be noted carefully. Moreover, it may also be noted that MBBS degree programmes in China, if offered under a bilingual (English / Chinese) format, are strictly forbidden by the Chinese Ministry of Education.
  • Laws, Rules and Regulations
  • Pakistani students in China are advised to strictly follow and abide by the Chinese laws and university rules and regulations as well as their student visa conditions. Each Pakistani is expected to demonstrate exemplary, disciplined, positive and inspiring conduct. It may be noted that in China, work / business / employment etc. is prohibited for international students. It is expected that the students will respect the local laws and customs of China as well as the sentiments of local people.
  • Pakistani students, upon receiving information of illegal activity/ improper conduct/ criminal offence are advised to immediately report to University authorities and the Pakistani mission. Indulgence in any violent activity or physical or mental abuse, on or off campus, is unacceptable in any form and will lead to dire legal consequences.
  • While the Embassy of Pakistan or the relevant Consulate General is always there to extend support in cases within the bounds of rules, however, it will not be in a position to intervene in cases of violation of laws, university rules, regulations, discipline or visa conditions.
  • Life as an International Student
  • Life as a student abroad requires a high degree of academic commitment, financial planning, willingness to learn from others, ability to adapt as well as to be a positive member of the international community of students. Therefore, in addition to the research of universities and courses, Pakistani students in China should also prepare well for all the academic and financial commitments that life as an international student entails, including tuition, accommodation and living costs, travel arrangements, health insurance etc.
  • Once at the university, please maintain regular contact with the International Students Office (ISO), which is the focal point for international students and their matters. In case the ISO is unable to adequately address Pakistani students’ genuine and legitimate issues, the Embassy or the relevant Consulate General in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu or Hong Kong may be approached for further assistance. Contact details of the Embassy and the Consulates General as well as their respective consular jurisdictions are available at the Embassy’s website:
  • Beware of Agents
  • Prospective Pakistani students are further advised NOT to engage agents / consultants / facilitators etc., whether in Pakistan or China, with regard to their admissions in Chinese universities. It has been observed that such agents often lure the students by giving them false assurances regarding the standard of particular universities, recognition status, courses offered, fees, accommodation etc. Students should, therefore, independently research all relevant and important details and satisfy themselves with regards to all the requirements, including by directly approaching the universities concerned, before finalising their admissions and commencing their studies in China. This would prevent the students from being misled by any such agents. It may also please be noted that private disputes between students and agents / consultants / facilitators etc. would have to be resolved as per relevant local / domestic administrative processes or legal course of action.
  • Chinese Government Scholarships
  • For students on scholarship from the Chinese government / China Scholarship Council, we would further advise them to complete their respective degrees within the time originally allocated for the completion of their degrees, in order to avoid any inconvenience or problems due to non-extension of study period. Intentional / habitual extension-seeking and sluggish academic or research progress in completion of degrees under scholarship is increasingly being discouraged and strictly scrutinised.
  • While the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing does not administer, process or award scholarships offered by the Chinese government, we sincerely encourage Pakistani students to avail of the opportunities available under the Chinese government scholarships. For this purpose, in addition to the web pages of the universities of your choice, the following websites and contact details may be useful.

     1.Cultural Office 
       Embassy of the People’s Republic of China No. 1, Zhou-Enlai Avenue, Diplomatic  
       Enclave (Extension),   Islamabad, Pakistan. 
       Phone: +92-51-8496138 

     2.Higher Education Commission of Pakistan 
HR Division, H-8, Islamabad, Pakistan. 
Phone: +92-51-90808029 

     Disclaimer:For further queries or information, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

     Education Wing
     Embassy of Pakistan
     Phone: +86-10-65326301

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