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  • Speech by Ambassador Masood Khalid on Potential Cooperation between China and Pakistan at the launching of “Annual Report of CASS-RDI 2016” on 20 March 2017Detail...

  • Ambassador’s speech for Kashmir Solidarity Day at Pakistan Embassy College on 7th February 2017 Detail...

  • Remarks by Ambassador Masood Khalid, on SOUTH ASIA SECURITY SITUATION at NDU on 08 December 2016 Detail...

  • Speech by Ambassador Masood Khalid at Defence Day of Pakistan Reception on 6 September 2016Detail...

  • Speech by Ambassador Masood Khalid at CPEC Summit in Islamabad on 29 August 2016Detail...

  • Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Masood Khalid “Promoting the construction of CPEC to build China-Pakistan Community of shared destiny” at CIIS on 14 October, 2016.Detail...

  • Speech by Ambassador Masood Khalid at the seminar: The One Belt and One Road Initiative in the Global Context on 10 October 2016Detail...

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