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  • Applications for MRP are accepted from (Monday – Friday) 0900 - 1130 hours except on public holidays. Application will be accepted only if required documents of the applicant are complete otherwise it will be rejected/pended. There are four steps in the passport process.
    • First photograph bearing token will be issued.
    • Secondly fingerprints (i.e. biometric) will be captured.
    • Third step is to take applicant’s data.
    • Fourth step checking of the record from database.
    • Final step is the recommendation for the issuance of passport.

    Contact Information

  • Chancery Address:
    No.1,Dongzhimenwai Dajie,
    Post Code 100600.
    Guide Map
  • Telephone:

    Consular Wing:

    Consular Assistant Pakistani:

    Consular Assistant Chinese:

    MRP Section:

    Visa Assistant:
  • Email:
  • Visiting Hours:
    09:00-11:30 Hours
    (Monday to Friday)
  • Submission of Documents:
    (including MRP)
    09:00-11:30 Hours
  • Return of Documents:
    15:00-16:30 Hours
    (Monday to Friday),
    or as indicated on deposit Slip

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