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Pakistan Culture Day Celebrated in Beijing

March 26,2018

The Pakistan Culture Day was co-hosted by the Embassy of Pakistan and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at the SCO Secretariat in Beijing on 26th March, 2018. The Event was titled as “Nine Magical Notes”.
Welcoming the guests, the Secretary General of SCO, Mr. Rashid Alimov said that today’s musical performance by Pakistani musicians is symbolic as music brings people together and unites the world. He expressed hope that such events shall contribute to the deepening and expansion of cultural dialogue between the SCO member states.
Ambassador of Pakistan Masood Khalid lauded the efforts of the SCO Secretary General for hosting the event and said that such events contribute to strengthening of cultural linkages and in fostering Shanghai spirit between the SCO member states.
Ambassador said that Pakistan is the birth place of civilizations, characterized by harmony and cultural co-existence between various segments of society. He termed music as a timeless manifestation of our culture which transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.
Highlight of the evening was a soul stirring musical performance by Mr. Shahbaz Abdullah and Mr. Haroon Shad, two eminent pianists from Pakistan who played Pakistani, Chinese and western tunes much to the delight of the audience.
In addition, paintings by famous Pakistani artists, Pakistani handicrafts and artefacts were also on display. The guests also enjoyed a taste of Pakistani cuisine.
The event was attended amongst others by SCO Secretary General, Ambassadors of SCO member states and diplomatic representatives from SAARC countries.


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