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Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing organized an event to launch the book “You and Us Volume-II”

June 17,2019

The Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing organized an event to launch the book titled “You and Us Volume-II” on 17 June 2019. The event was attended by Chinese dignitaries, officials, academics, professors, friends of Pakistan and Ambassadors from the diplomatic corps.
Addressing the event, Ambassador Masood Khalid said that the relationship between Pakistan and China is based on mutual respect, which has enabled it to withstand the vicissitudes of history and grow continually irrespective of international and regional developments. He highlighted that this unshakable trust and understanding between the two countries was the hallmark of our relationship. He emphasized that this “All Weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership for shared future in a new era” has now been etched in the psyche of Pakistani and Chinese people.
Emphasizing on the growing people-to-people exchanges between Pakistan and China, Ambassador Masood Khalid mentioned that there existed mutual adulation amongst the common people of both countries. The stories of people-to-people friendship have been recorded in the book titled You and Us. Ambassador Khalid paid tribute to the Chinese writers and authors who have contributed personal anecdotes to this book. He mentioned that You and Us Volume-II is in the process of printing which includes contributions from Pakistani diplomats and distinguished personalities who have shared stories of their friendship with China.
Ambassador Masood Khalid also informed the audience that he was returning to homeland after completion of his tenure. He acknowledged the support of the Chinese government particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which helped him in achieving the joint mission of further solidifying the friendship between Pakistan and China. 

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